What muscle cars can you get for 20.000$ today?

We’re frequently getting asked what muscle cars can you get for around 20.000$ or less that are worth their market value. Today we’re going to talk about a few muscle cars that you can get for 20.000$ or less that we think are worth every penny!

1965 Ford Mustang

Image a Ford Mustang produced in 1965

The one car that I recommend to everyone and is my favorite favorite; the Ford Mustang 1965. This car frequently goes on sale for around the 15.000$ mark and is worth its money. I personally have this model since around 2009, it’s marking the 10 year mark and this beauty is still running like it was when it was produced in 1965. This is a classic car and should be in every Muscle Car lover collection.

1969 Olds Cutlass S Convertible

Image A old Cutless S Convertible produced in 1965

Next off we’ve the Old Cutlass S Convertible, to be more precise the 1969 model. Just like the Ford Mustang 1965 this Convertable is another classic that every muscle car owner should own. I’ve personally owned this car a couple of times already, however I had to sell my latest car when my wife got pregnant. When buying this car you can immediatly see if it’s been taken care of, but since these care are nowadays in the collection of collectors you can be almost sure of it that is has been taken care of. I’m sure that I’ll pick up this car again in the future again. You can get this car nowadays for around the 19.000$ mark.

1970 Chevrolet Nova

Image a Chevrolet Nova produced in 1970

Thirdly and sadly the last one for this blogpost we’ve the Chevrolet Nova, produced in 1970. This  beautiful vehichle is really unique since not many are running on the streets nowadays. I personally have never owned this vehichle but one of my best buddies have. I’m always fascinated how well this vehichle still perfoms despite it’s almost 50 year old age. Most Chevrolet Novas however don’t have their orginally engines anymore since it has some issues back in the days. Eventhough I don’t own it myself yet I do plan to pick up this amazing car in the near future after my wife has given birth. Since this car is getting pretty rare the car price a little bit more than the vehicle mentioned above. You can pick this car up in near perfect condition for a bit less then 20.000$.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post eventhough it’s a little different then the content we normally post here. If you like we can do more of these blog posts, which perhaps will be a bit more specific. What cars can you get for your money? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!