Roof rack on your muscle car

Today we’re going to look into installing a roof rack on your muscle car. Since a muscle car isn’t a car you normally would install a roof rack to it, might seem a little weird to install one, but it’s essentially the same for every car.

But how do you install a roof rack? It’s a question that you might be concerned with when a winter sport holiday is planned with your family. A lot of time there is no shortage of luggage for a winter holiday. But how do you place roof racks of which you mount the ski suitcase? We’ll drive right into it.

Instructions for finding & installing a roof rack

  • Step 1: Determine the correct dimensions and type of roof rack.
  • Stép 2: Assemble the support feet and connect them to the support rods.
  • Step 3: Place the carrier bars and carrier feet on the roof rails or in the doorway and measure how far apart the carriers must be.
  • Step 4: Tighten the carrier base according to the instructions.
roof rack on a muscle car

Dimensions of the roof racks

When going on a holiday with a ski or roof box means you need to have a roof rack. You can always attach a ski box to a roof rack. Perhaps you have borrowed a ski box from someone or there is another one in the shed, then it is important that you check the dimensions. After all, you want your roof box to fit on your roof racks. This way you can prevent that your mounting system doesn’t work. For example, with some roof boxes the carriers may not be wider than 65 mm or higher than 45 mm. You will find this information in the specifications of your roof box.

Parts of a roof rack

When installing a roof rack onto your muscle car you have don’t just check the dimensions of the ski suitcase, you’ll also have to know which mounting system is suited for your car. A roof rack basically consists of two important parts: the bearing rods and the set of feet. One thing that’s good to know: there are a lot of different brands of roof racks for different kind of muscle cars. For example, there are cars with smooth roofs, mounting points, closed or open roof rails and muscle cars with a T-profile. So, it’s kind of obvious that installing roof racks is different for every car and with every brand of roof rack.

Roof racks vs. Roof railings

Be aware! Roof racks and roof rails aren’t the same thing! The roof railing is – as the name suggests – the railing on the roof of your car. This railing runs from the front to the rear of the car. Roof racks are carriers that are mounted on top of the roof in the width of the car. If your car does not have a roof rail, you often mount the roof racks in the doorway of the car or at a designated mounting point on the roof.

muscle car with a roofbox

Placing the roof racks

You might’ve seen this coming already, the question “how do I install the roof racks?” there is no definitive answer. Since muscle cars aren’t the typical cars to get roof racks, which is strange especially since they normally don’t have much luggage space, they might be a little harder to install. Luckily roof racks come standard with a well detailed user guide. With a little technical knowledge and some insight, it is easy to install roof racks yourself. It’ll typically only take around an hour to install a roof rack onto your car.

Mounting a roof rack without a mounting railing

Cars without mounting holes or railing are also called cars with a smooth roof. With most muscle cars this is the case. Roof racks for cars with a smooth roof are usually mounted with a base on the roof and a bracket to the door.

Mounting a roof rack onto roof rails

Although typically muscle cars don’t have roof rails, some do. Fitting a roof rack onto a car with roof rails is, in most cases, much easier. Just assemble them to the support feet and connect them to the support rods. Place the carrier bars and carrier feet on the roof rails and measure how far apart the carriers should be. Not the length of the car, but from left to right. Afterwards tighten the carrier foot according to the instructions and you are ready to go!

ford mustang with a roof rack mounted