Center Armrest in Muscle Cars

For most luxury car models, it’s standard: the center armrest. As the name suggest this armrest is located in the center of the car, between the front passenger’s seat and the driver’s seat. The center armrest gives that little bit of extra little bit of comfort while driving, but that’s not the only reason why they’re great. This armrest also looks nice and offer extra storage space. These days there are even armrests available that can keep your drink cooled! These things are all neat and handy but since most Muscle Cars don’t have one standard installed you need to find one to install yourself.

Secured Storage

If you’re planning on making a long road trip with your favorite Muscle Car the sound and feeling of the car is amazing, however there is no denying that Muscle Cars aren’t the most comfortable cars that are available.

For this reason, it’s nice if you can support your arm on the center armrest, so that you can drive more comfortable. Having an armrest next to your seat is also very practical for shorter journeys. Most center arm rests have a valve that you can lift to create a space in which you can safely and securely store your wallet or other valuable belongings. That way no one that looks in your car can see what you’ve hidden in your center armrest. Of course, it’s possible to store your favorite candy, your phone or your business cards perfectly in your armrest.

A Muscle Car with an Armrest

All within reach

Muscle Cars aren’t known for their storage options and if they do it’s mostly in the back. With an armrest however you have all the items you need within reach, so that you as a driver don’t have to perform dangerous actions to take something out of the dashboard compartment. If you’re tired of having an armrest (I can’t see a reason why) you can simply fold it up completely!

Suppliers who deliver a armrest

There are also suppliers of accessories that offer different sorts of center armrest, each for your specific Muscle Car model and brand.

A lot of times these are not the original armrests that the manufacturer of your car offers, this is especially the case with Muscle Cars since they 99% of the time weren’t made to fit such an item, however this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s less good. They are designed using the original center console of your car, so that the fit is perfect.


For the last few years I’ve been using an armrest in my 1965 Ford Mustang and I can confidently say that I won’t go back to riding my car without one. Do you guys drive with or without armrests? Let me know in the comments below!

A classic 1965 Ford Mustang